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White sandy beaches, a crystal-clear sea, etc. Djerba la Douce offers an idyllic setting and the gentle pace of life here will enfold you as soon as your flight to Djerba has landed.

Although the island is famous for its heavenly beaches (especially the one at Sidi Mahres) it also hides some charming little towns. During your holiday, you’ll be able to walk around the lively souk of Houmt-Souk and find some lovely craft objects. Lovers of religious art mustn’t miss the chance to go and admire El Ghriba synagogue, in Erriadh, which is the oldest synagogue in North Africa. Your stay will give you an opportunity to try some delicious Tunisian specialities such as brik, tuna fricassee, Tunisian salad or mechouia, chakchouka, tajine, couscous, etc.

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Capital : Tunis
Population : 10,3 million inhabitants
Area : 163,600 km2
Official Language : Arabic
Currency : Tunisian Dinar

A relaxing holiday in Tunisia

You’ll find that Tunisia is a sunny, friendly place for a holiday. With 600 kilometres (375 miles) of beaches, Tunisia promises a getaway with 100% relaxation.

The fact that it’s so close to France makes it the perfect destination for either a short break or a long stay.

All the civilisations which have lived in Tunisia have left their marks on the country, which is home to some wonderful Punic and Roman remains, with Carthage and Dougga at the top of the list.

During your stay, you'll also be able to admire the superb monuments to Ottoman and Arabic architecture. The medina of Tunis, the amphitheatre of El-Jem and the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said are also unmissable, as is the Sousse Archaeological Museum, the Great Mosque of Kairouan and the medina of Hammamet.

For a truly "farniente" trip, head for Djerba and its heavenly landscapes!

Documents: you'll need a valid passport to travel to Tunisia.
Time difference: one hour behind in summer, although there’s no time difference in winter.
Electricity: the voltage is 220 V.
Currency: the country’s currency is the Tunisian dinar.
Telecommunications: country code for Tunisia: + 216.
To make a call to Tunisia from France, dial 00 + 216 + then the party’s number.
To make a call to France from Tunisia, dial 00 + 33 + the number without the 0.
Health: there are no compulsory vaccinations.

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