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 Oranliterally means "two lions"and is also known as El Bahia, "the radiant one". It is the second largest city in Algeria and is considered to be an industrial and university hub. Spend five days touring the city.


 Don't miss: The Rai Festival (early August), the International Arab Film Festival (late June).

Oranis the Rai music capital. Rai is a type of music that regained its prestige while rising to the rank of national and popular music, becoming a symbol of Algerian culture. Rai is a mixture of traditional, oriental sounds with electronic melodies in the background.

"The radiant one" is a city rooted in its history. Its streets and districts remind you of the details of the milestones from its past. For example, Sidi El Houari, an archetypal historic area, still bears the marks of the three imprints left on it: Spanish, Ottoman and French. Go back in time by walking through the "poor parts of town", also known as "Old Oran". Then visit the Mosque of Pasha, a building dating back to the seventeenth century. History lovers will be delighted!

Oran "the flirt" has the Ahmed Zabana Museum(formerly Demaegt), which has been brought into the spotlight since it received, as a gift, most of the rich collection of the former Museum of Fine Arts of Oran, which contained the major works of leading artists of the School of Algiers. The city also has a Western-style theatre and an opera house: its name speaks for itself...

Discover Oran's cuisine and taste "gazelle horns" and griwechs(rectangular cakes with sesame seeds coated with honey). Also try Mona. Tourists who have stopped over at El Bahia are wild about this Oranais cake, which had its heyday during the Andalusian era.

Go get some fresh air at the square where Oran's City Hall is located near the sea and contemplate the two great, shining lions surrounded by palm trees.

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