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 Annaba is an ancient Phoenician, industrial, port city that borders the sea and is crossed by a flowery plain of fruits and vegetables. It is the fourth largest city in Algeria and is the twin city of Saint-Etienne, France. Spend two days seeing the city.


 Don't miss : The strawberry festival in Skikda (around May 20th).

During the summer, do not forget to make a stop, however brief it may be, at Cours de la révolution (formerly Bertagna), everyone's gathering point in Annaba.

In the summer, when the sun is at its highest, it is a real treat to savour a good coffee outdoors. You will receive a warm welcome at Saint, a famous, popular pizzeria in the city.

Annaba's Chetaîbi Bay, among the finest in the world, is a genuine place to escape and relax during the sunniest days.

The Basilica of St. Augustine, located just outside of Annaba above the ruins, was built in 1881 and has become the iconic symbol of the city. Its neo-Byzantine architectural style is sure to move you, and its resemblance to the Sacré-Coeur of Montmartre and the Basilica of Sainte-Therese of Lisieux is more than striking. What about the view from the hill at fifty metres altitude overlooking the ruins and the Gulf of Annaba? Absolutely breathtaking!

Perched above the little hill of Gharf El-Artan, the Annaba Museum houses a collection of mosaics, an extravagant collection of statues, and a room of stelae.

Do not leave without tasting bourak (fine layers of pastry dough with fish, meat or seafood).

If you still have time, make sure to visit the Kasbah: built at 105 metres altitude, the old town has a hill surrounded by the sea, seen through the prism of some remains, and the square of the 19th of August, formerly Place d’Armes.

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