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Constantine, Algeria's third-largest city, located in the northeast, is nicknamed "the city of suspension bridges"or "city of eagles". Legend has it that Constantine is the egg of a great vulture. It will take you five days to visit this city of malouf (Arab-Andalusian music) and ulemas (scholars) to get a complete look.



Don't miss : The International Cultural Festival of Jazz, Dimajazz (May).

In the late nineteenth century, Guy de Maupassant spoke ironically about the condition of bridges in the city: "Eight bridges once crossed this precipice. Six of these bridges are in ruins today". Since then, the reputation of "the city of suspension bridges" remains valid to the delight of tourists. Bridges still flourish. Some of the most famous ones are: The Sidi-M'Cid suspension bridge and the Sidi-Rached bridge (a 447-metre long viaduct with 27 arches, one of which is 70 metres long). 

The architecture and styleof the new buildings in Constantine are in tune with Western aesthetic features. So, the building of Mentouri University, one of the largest and most prestigious in Algeria, has 22 floors, and the silhouette of Emir Abd El Kader University is resolutely modern. A must-see: the Great Abdel Kader Mosque located at the old Kasbah and the magnificent Palace of the Bey at the same site.

Constantine is undeniably a cultural and architectural centre of the highest standingin Algeria. The Cirta Museum, which houses the city's cultural heritage, is living proof. The culture is also alive through music, namely malouf, music of Arab-Andalusian origin which differs from the music of Tlemcen and Algiers by the pace and structure of its "nubas".

You may encounter an ice cream vendorin La Place de la Brèche (Breche Square) who will serve you a lemon sorbet called "le créponnet" (neige de citron).

Discover Constantine's cuisine and try Ksra (bread), El Mhadjeb or Sfeng (donuts).

If you have enough time, consider visiting the Memorial honouring the children from the town who died during World War I from 1914 to 1918.


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