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The famous DjerbaIsland, a luxury resort in the Gulf of Gabes in southeast Tunisia, is nicknamed "the Island of the Golden Sands" because of the abundance of its sparkling, sandy beaches. You should spend five days to a week on the island.


Don't miss : The mythological film festival, the National Ulysses Festival (July), the Guellela Pottery Festival...

The most beautiful beaches in Djerba: Sidi Hacchani, Sidi Mahrez and Sidi Bakkour are located northeast of the island and offer many water activities, such as jet skiing, parasailing, etc.

Besides beaches, Djerba has many other treasures awaiting you. After taking a swim, escape to the great outdoor theatre of Houmt Souk built in 2004, which is particularly the beautiful part of the Ulysses Festival. Take a camel ride in the desert or explore the sand dunes with a quad.

On the island is the Museum of the Arts and Traditions of the Houmt Souk, which recently became the Traditional Heritage Museum of Djerba. This cultural centre will catch the eye of culture seekers. The museum contains the rich folklore of the island and has copies of the Koran and cooking utensils on display. This museum is undeniably successful with 100,000 visitors a year.

Discover the cuisine of Djerba and taste the barley couscous with fish or dried meat preserved in olive oil, small dishes of dried anchovies, or even zamita, prepared from roasted barley, fenugreek and spices, with raw vegetables or salted.

Make absolutely sure to visit Borj El K’bir, the island's great historical monument along the coast, which was built by the Spaniards in the fifteenth century and contains a magnificent castle.

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