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Frequent asked question

A question? An our answers to the most frequend asked question by our customers. Different questions are organized by sections and subsections. You can not find your answer ? Use our form to contact directly our team!

 Most frequent questions

Your booking 

How to book an airline ticket ?

Booking a ticket with Aigle Azur is simple and quick.

You can book your ticket : 
 - online : directly on our website
- by telephone
- at an Aigle Azur office or counter
- at a travel agent

More information about the way to book your ticket here

*Holiday vouchers are not accepted by the Company.

Is it possible to amend my booking ?

Would you like to view or amend your reservation on-line?

Please visit the "Check your trip" part of our homepage or on the Aigle Azur app in “Mon voyage”.

This feature allows you to:
- view your reservation (flight numbers, departure and arrival times, terminal, check-in time limit, luggage weight allowed)
- cancel your reservation (if it can be amended, check the conditions of your ticket for details)
- amend your departure date and time and your telephone contact details
- book a seat for your pet
- purchase additional kilos

How to choose your seat ?

There are two ways to reserve your seat:

When booking
- through our website, in the "Additional options" section
- on the Aigle Azur app in “Mon voyage”
- by contacting our Call Centre on +351 213 513 260 (€0.06/min + price for call)
After booking
- when checking-in online, you will automatically be allocated a seat. You can change your allocated seat directly within the "Manage your booking" section up to 3 hours before departure

- at our airport check-in desks before departure
- by callin our Call Center : +351 213 513 260 (€0.06/min + price for call)

Is it possible to cancel my booking ?

Would you like to cancel your reservation?

You can cancel your reservation either by telephone or e-mail or by going to see your travel agent.

- The prices of cancelled tickets can only be refunded subject to the pricing conditions. Aigle Azur has a period of at least one month from receipt of all of the requested documents to issue the refund
- To find out about any terms and conditions for refunding the fuel tax on your Aigle Azur air ticket, please contact us by e-mail at
- Administrative charges are non-refundable

What are the administrative charges ?

The price of your air ticket breaks down into three sections*:

1. The ex-tax price of the journey

2. Taxes and fees

3. Administrative charges

* Administrative charges, which apply to all travellers with the exception of babies (under the age of 2), are costs relating to the distribution of the ticket.

Consult the administrative charges here.

Pack your stuff 

What is the authorized weight for my check luggage ?

If you want to carry heavier luggages than the authorizd weight, or an extra luggage, you have to you will need to pay a supplementary charge when check in.

Please remember that any luggage weighing more than 32 kg is prohibited.

Check the tariffs directly in "Organize your trip"

What are the specificities for my cabin luggage ?

Only one piece of hand luggage per passenger is allowed in the cabin, with a maximum weight of 10 kg in Economy Class and 15 kg in Business Class.
Each passenger may carry one handbag, in addition to his or her cabin luggage.

We advise you to place all your liquids in your hold luggage prior to departure. The containers must be placed in a transparent plastic bag (measuring 20 x 20 cm, with a maximum capacity of 1 litre). Each passenger may only carry one bag with him or her and each container must not exceed 100 ml.

The luggage dimensions must comply with the IATA standard:
- Length: 55 cm
- Height: 40 cm (including handles and wheels)
- Thickness: 20 cm

More informations about your hand luggage here.

Which bulky luggages are authorized ?

When booking your Aigle Azur ticket, you must let us know if you wish to carry any bulky or large luggage and divide it into bags weighing a maximum of 32 kg.

Authorized bulky luggages under certain conditions:
- Pushchairs
- Wheelchairs
- Musical instruments

More informations in "Special luggage"

What should I know if my luggage is heavier that the authorized weight ?

If you want to carry any luggage which is heavier than the authorised weight, or an additional piece of luggage, you will need to pay a supplementary charge when check in.

Please remember that any luggage weighing more than 32 kg is prohibited.

More information

Can I travel with my domestic animal ?

Pets travelling in the hold
Depending on the length of the flight and subject to availability, pets (dogs or cats) may travel in the hold. You can book your pet’s ticket either on our website or by telephoning 0810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call).

Pets travelling in the cabin
Subject to current formalities, only small pets (dogs or cats) are accepted in the cabin and under certain conditions: The animal must weigh less than 5 kg and must travel in a sealed, accredited bag allowing it to breathe. The bag is not supplied by the airline. You can book your pet’s ticket either online or by telephoning 0810 797 997 (€0.06/min + price for call).

More informations about your pet's travel in our rubric "Pets".

Minors, children, babies 

My child will travel alone, what should I know ?

Unaccompanied minors: passengers aged from 4 to 12 years of age. 

Depending on the country’s requirements, the child (whether travelling alone or accompanied) must show:
- a valid individual passport (which may be obtained for any minor, even a baby),
- a valid individual passport and a visa (in certain cases),
- a valid national identity card (especially for the European Union, the Schengen area or Switzerland).

More informations on your child's travel here.

What should I know to prepare the trip of my child ? (accompanied)

Accompanied minors:

- Any minor under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
- A minor over the age of 12 may travel alone, with his or her identity documents, ticket and any necessary authorisations
- The minor and the accompanying adult must travel in the same class throughout the flight
- An adult may accompany more than one child 

More information about my child travel here.

Is it possible to trabel with my baby ?

Travelling with your family? Looking after our youngest passengers is one of Aigle Azur’s priorities.

There are two tariffs applicable: 
- the baby tariff for children under the age of 2 (as accredited by the identity document) 
- the child tariff for those over the age of 2.

Please remember: 
- a child is considered to be a "baby" up until the day before his or her second birthday. We can accept babies provided that they are at least one week old.
- if the baby reaches his or her second birthday during the stay, a flat rate will be applied on the return flight (depending on the destination and the booked class), a seat will be automatically assigned. Your booking must be done by the Call Center. 
- only one baby per passenger is allowed and the accompanying adult must be aged at least 18. 

The baby must be placed on the accompanying adult’s knees, subject to the availability of belts for babies, and a 90% reduction will be applied to the tariff for the ticket. 

The new law which has now come into force states that a baby must have his or her own identity document, i.e. either a national identity card or a French passport. 

The total hold baggage allowance for babies is 10 kg. More information.

NEW: Adult passengers who have purchased a ticket that includes a baggage allowance and are travelling with a baby will also be entitled to a 10 kg* checked bag. The 10 kg cabin baggage allowance is only valid for the adult.
*depending on destination and fare type selected 


How to online check-in ?

The online check-in service is quick and easy and is available pour travellers with electronic tickets.

The idea is simple:
- You check in online between 48 hours and 3 hours before your departure directly on our website homepage
- You print out your boarding card
- You come straight to our boarding area or to the baggage check-in counter.

More informations in "Organize your trip"

*Online check-in is not available from Faro and Sao Paulo.

How to online check-in via my smartphone or my application?

With with electronic tickets save time at the airport by cheching in through your smarphone!

The idea is simple as it is with a computer:
- You check in online between 48 hours and 3 hours before your departure directly through your smartphone.
- You can present your boarding card that you will receive by sms or mail.
- You come straight to our boarding area or to the baggage check-in counter. 

More information in "Organize your trip".
More information for the application Aigle Azur

Online check-in is not available from Faro and Sao Paulo.

Where can I check-in at the airport ?

Aigle Azur provides you with various ways of checking in, starting 48 hours before your flight.

- Checking in at the counters
- Checking in using our self-service terminal at Paris-Orly and Oran

More informations on your check-in at the airport here.

Aigle Azur on your mobile 

All you need to know about our mobile site

The mobile site allows you to make a reservation, quickly and easily from your smartphone:
- Discover our destinations (dates, flight times, prices).
- Choose your options (choice of seat, added baggage allowance, online check-in, insurance, visas and travel formalities…).
- Reserve your flight with a bank card in a secure manner.

All you need to know about the Aigle Azur app

By downloading our app, you will benefit from the most complete freedom of travel:  
-       Reserve your flight easily and securely
-       Get your ticket in seconds
-       Add your travel options
-       Present your smartphone directly at the boarding gate
Download the app now from the App Store or Google Play (link to LD App)

How do I check in on my phone or with the Aigle Azur app?

You’ve bought an electronic ticket and you want to save more time at the airport? Mobile check-in can make this happen.
The concept is easy, as easy as on the computer:
- You can check in online between 48 hours and 3 hours before your departure directly from your smartphone.
- You present the boarding card that you will have already received via SMS or email.
- You go directly to our boarding area or to the baggage drop-off counter.

More information in the "Organiser votre voyage" section
More information on the Aigle Azur app.

Azur Plus loyalty program 

What are the benefits of Azur Plus ?

Azur Plus is Aigle Azur’s loyalty programme, tailored to the airline’s most loyal travellers. 
Azur Plus opens up a whole world of exclusive benefits.

More informations in "Take advantage of our services"

How to use my Miles ?

Attractive, quickly accessible Rewards
- Reward tickets, excess baggage, upgrades, Rewards from partners.
- Valid for yourself or for any person of your choice (except for the Young Person’s card). 
- Please make your request at least 8 days before the desired departure date, on our website at for upgrades and excess baggage, by e-mailing or by telephoning 0826 09 20 21 (€0.15/min + price for call) for our other rewards

How to join Azur Plus loyalty program ?

Joining our Azur Plus loyalty program is quick and free of charge:
Online at:
or at an Aigle Azur office

Information on 0826 09 20 21 (€0.12/min) or by e-mailing


What are the formalities to know before leaving ?

Before making any trip abroad, please check the formalities for entering and staying in the destination country or countries for each passenger with the relevant embassies and consulates: view a list of embassies/consulates.
Please note that some Prefectures may require special formalities to be completed – you can find out at the Prefectures covering the departure and destination airports.
This means that you can find out about the kinds of identity document required and their validity dates.
Check the validity of your national identity card by clicking here
If you're travelling with young children, make sure that you have any necessary documents and authorisations.
Please note that it can take several months to obtain certain documents.


What insurance is available with Aigle Azur ?


To enable you to relax and enjoy your trip with confidence, MONDIAL ASSISTANCE is now offering three new insurance products, which are more flexible than ever before, and which provide cover for your trip that better suits your needs. These are:

- Travel Insurance
- Traveller Assistance
- Cancellation Insurance  

More information is available in our “Insurance” section.