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Our history


A pioneering company

As a company born in the spring of 1946, in the euphoria that followed the liberation of France and the sky, which survived through the fascinating history of French air transport and remained one of the rare witnesses of this heroic age, Aigle Azur is undoubtedly a pioneering airline and a true cradle of aviation. It is also and above all the oldest private French airline still in business. This longevity is based on an extraordinary history, which is closely linked to the determination and success of iconic entrepreneurs who transformed the company’s history into a true epic.

Creation of Aigle Azur by Sylvain Floirat, visionary founder and the company’s 1st entrepreneur. This great company boss devoted all his life to building an industrial empire which was one of the greatest, if not the most astonishing achievement of the 20th century
Launch of the first flights to North Africa, Lebanon, Senegal and opening of a branch in Indochina

Launch of regional flights in France

Takeover of the company by Arezki Idjerouidène, talented entrepreneur and founder of the GoFast Group (now Weaving Group). This businessman and figurehead revived the company, including the relaunch in 2003 of scheduled flights between France and Algeria

Launch of flights to Burkina Faso, Guinea, Iraq, Madeira, Morocco, Mali, Portugal, Senegal and Tunisia

The company’s 70th anniversary

At the request and with the support of the 3 Aigle Azur shareholders –  HNA, David Neeleman and Lu AzurFrantz Yvelin becomes the 3rd entrepreneur to lead the company. This professional pilot who is passionate about aviation created the last two French airlines: L’Avion in 2006 (now Openskies) and La Compagnie Boutique Airline in 2013 

Launch of flights to Lebanon (Beirut), Germany (Berlin) and Russia (Moscow)

Order placed for two Airbus A330s to launch long-haul flights

Aigle Azur today


  • The 2nd biggest French scheduled airline by number of passengers (close to 2 million in 2017)
  • Almost 15 destinations departing from 5 French airports
  • Around 300 scheduled flights a week
  • A modern and uniform fleet of A319 and A320 aircraft, plus two A330s joining the fleet in April and May 2018
  • Increased frequency of flights in Europe and launch of a daily flight to Italy (Milan Malpensa) in September 2018
  • Start of long-haul flights east and west: Brazil (São Paulo Viracopos) in July 2018 and China (Beijing) in August 2018
  • Signing of strategic partnerships with Hainan Airlines, Azul, TAP Portugal, Corsair and Air Caraîbes