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Online check-in

The online check-in service is quick and easy and is available pour travellers with electronic tickets.

Book online where ever you are!
Print your boarding card or receive it by mail or sms.

PLEASE NOTE: Boarding passes printed by you when checking-in online will not be accepted by the Algerian airport authorities. All passengers
departing from Algeria must make their way to the check-in desk to obtain a boarding pass.


Online check-in is not available to: 
- Persons traveling with infant, a pet, unaccompanied minors, persons with reduced mobility and those with a visual, hearing or speech impairment. 

The idea is simple

- You check in online between 48 hours and 3 hours before your departure.
- You print out your boarding card or receive it by mail or sms.
- You come straight to our boarding area or to the baggage check-in counter.

How it works

1. Log in:
Give either your name and reservation number (6 characters) or your electronic ticket number (9 figures)
2. Check in:
Select the passenger you'd like to check in – you can check several passengers in by clicking "check another passenger in" and then entering that person’s details.
Check the information about luggage carefully.
3. Choose your seat:
A seat has automatically been allocated to you and to the other passengers who appear on your reservation. If you’re happy with the seats, you simply need to confirm. Otherwise, you can alter the seat number on the displayed cabin plan.
4. Your personal details:
This is a vital stage in confirming the online check-in.
5. Final confirmation:
Check that everything’s correct and then you’ll receive your boarding card by e-mail and can print it out or shos the one you have received by sms. thank to your mobile. You will need to show it along with your boarding card. 

No online registration from Faro.

For more informations

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