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If you're tempted to use your holiday to discover the charm of a large North African city, why not book a flight to Oran?
Here you'll enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate with typical average temperatures of 12° in winter and 18° in spring.

You'll also be able to admire a wealth of architectural heritage. In Oran's historic quarter you'll see masterpieces of Turkish, Spanish and French architecture. And if you like visiting religious buildings, you can admire the mosques, the great synagogue, the cathedral and the Santa Cruz chapel.
If you like art, you'll be fascinated by the Ahmed Zabana museum, which has a very fine collection of Franco-Algerian paintings and a numismatics section.

So book your flight to Oran now with Aigle Azur!

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Capital : Algiers
Population : 35 million inhabitants
Area : 2,382,000 km2
Spoken Language : Arabic, French and Berber
Currency : Algerian Dinar

Your trip to Algeria

From the dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental to the astonishing landscapes of the Tassili N'Ajjer, and from the Mediterranean coast to the luxuriant oases, Algeria reveals all its well-preserved landscapes.

Its geographical, cultural and historical closeness to France makes this the perfect country for holidays combining relaxation and cultural tourism. Its many natural riches make it a popular destination for people on business tourism trips.

One place you simply mustn’t miss during your trip to Algeria is Alger la Blanche, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The Moorish treasures of its Casbah, its neo-Byzantine style basilica and the Palais des Raïs are all worth going out of your way to see.

Your trip will also give you an opportunity for a desert getaway - there are many trails across the Tamanrasset region, the Tassili N'Ajjer plateau and the Grand Erg Occidental.

Documents: you’ll need both a passport and a visa to travel to Algeria.
Time difference: one hour behind in summer, although there’s no time difference in winter.
Electricity: the voltage is 220 V.
Currency: the country’s currency is the Algerian dinar.
To make a call to Algeria from France, dial 00 + 213 + local number, to France from Algeria, dial 00 + 33 + local number without the 0.
Within the country: dial 0 + the local dialling code + the six-figure number for the party you wish to call.
Health: anyone who has been in a country affected by yellow fever within 6 days prior to arrival in Algeria will need to produce a vaccination certificate.