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The capital of Mali was founded by the Niaré people in the 16th century, on a site which had been occupied since Prehistoric times. Bamako is a noisy, bustling place, a huge open-air market where everything is a joyous cacophony. The sites you really mustn’t miss include the Place de Sogolon and its buffalo, the Hippopotamus on the Boulevard de l'Indépendance, the Ideograms Obelisk, the Place des Explorateurs and its sculpted busts, the Place des Gouverneurs, the Tour d'Afrique, etc. You can visit Mali’s national Museum, where pride of place is given to contemporary arts and crafts, and stroll around the Pink Market, the Medina Market and the House of Craftsmen, where you’ll be able to find some lovely souvenirs.

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Mali aigle azur

Capital : Bamako
Population : 12,3 million inhabitants
Area : 1,240,000 km2
Official language : French
Currency : CFA Franc

Your holiday in Mali

The River Niger runs right through Mali, a country offering an impressive array of landscapes.

Indeed, there isn’t a great deal in common between the liveliness of Bamako, the spectacular wild cliffs of Bandiagara, Djenné, which becomes an island in the rainy season, Timbuktu and its mosques which are among the oldest in the world and the port of Mopti or Gao.

Let yourself be surprised by an amazing country!

If you’re coming to Mali you simply mustn’t miss Bamako. The pace of life in the capital is set by its colourful markets and it’s also home to some very interesting museums.

In Mopti you’ll be able to take a canoe ride on the river, after first admiring the mosque of Komoguel. The Dogon country is worth going out of your way to visit - while you’re there you’ll be able to explore this fascinating civilisation, before setting off on an excursion to Banjass or Sangha.
Djenné has a beautiful banco mosque. This masterpiece of Sudanese architecture is the largest building made of earth in the world.

Documents: a valid passport and visa are compulsory.
Time difference: 2 hours behind in summer, 1 hour behind in winter.
Electricity: the voltage is 220 V.
Currency: Mali’s currency is the CFA franc.
Telecommunications: the country code for Mali is +223.
To make a call to Mali from France, dial 00 + 223 (country code) + local number.
To make a call to France from Mali, dial 00 + 33 (country code) + local number without the 0.
Health: a yellow fever vaccination certificate is compulsory in order to travel to Mali.