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Choose your seat

When buying your ticket, our "Choose your seat" service will allow you:
- to choose your seat when buying your ticket on our website and on your mobile phone
- to reserve a seat for a more comfortable flight

Choose between 4 types of seats on our medium-haul flights






Choose between 2 types of seats on our long haul flights

Comfort Seats: Disembark first and traval with more space for more comfort.
Exit Seats: Travel with more space for more comfort.
Express Seats: Be the first to disembark of the plane. 
Standard Seats: Travel all together. Choose your view. 


Comfort Seats: 20€
Exit Seats: 20€
Express Seats: 10€
Standard Seats: 6€

*No Express Seats on A330s


Comfort Seats: 70€
Standard Seats: 10€


Comfort Seats: 40€
Standard Seats: 10€


Comfort Seats: 20€
Exit Seats: 20€
Express Seats: 10€
Standard Seats: 6€

*No Express Seats on A330s

There are two ways to reserve your seat

When booking:
- through our website, in the "Additional options" section
- by contacting our Call Centre on +351 213 513 260 (€0.06/min + price for call)
After booking:
- when checking-in online, you will automatically be allocated a seat. You can change your allocated seat directly within the "Manage your booking" section up to 3 hours before departure
- at our airport check-in desks before departure
- by calling the Call Center : +351 213 513 260 (€0.06/min + price for call)

Be careful ! Your seat booking is not a registration, the check-in stays inevitable.
In the event of non-presentation for your flight, your seat will not be refunded nor can it be transfered.

Conditions for access to the “choose your seat” option 

By booking the “choose your seat” option, you must give an undertaking that you fulfil the following conditions:

- you must be competent to enter into a contract
- if you are near the emergency exits, you must be capable of helping in the event of evacuation and thus meet the following criteria: you must be able-bodied and in good physical condition, able to move easily, able to understand the safety instructions and over the age of 12.

We will make every effort to satisfy your needs with an additional "Seat selection" purchase option. However, for security reasons, we inform you that the company Aigle Azur reserves the right, at any time, at the airport or on board, to reassign a seat located at an emergency exit if you do not meet the accessibility requirements for this type of seat.

The following persons may not occupy seats located near the emergency exits:

passengers with reduced mobility
passengers who require assistance
pregnant women
passengers who require an additional seat for comfort and who are likely to hinder access to the emergency exits
babies and children (up to the age of 11)
unaccompanied children
passengers travelling with pets
passengers who do not speak French or English