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Excess baggage tariffs

If you want to carry any baggage which is heavier than the authorised weight, or an additional piece of baggage, you will need to pay a supplementary charge when check in.

Please remember that any baggage weighing more than 32 kg is prohibited.

Would you life to carry extra kilos? 

If you’d like to carry extra kilos, save time at the airport and buy them online!
Our new feature allows you to do this on our website when you buy your ticket or in our "Check my trip" section at any time after your reservation. 
Conditions of sale:
Extra kilos are refundable except in the event of a no-show (even for a non-refundable ticket) and may be amended in the event of a change of flight. In the event of partial use, the remaining extra kilos cannot be refunded. Only one purchase of extra kilos may be made per passenger.

The charges for excess baggage are as follows:

France > Algeria
- From Paris and Mulhouse : 9€/kg
- From Lyon : 7€/kg
- From Marseilles and Toulouse : 6€/kg

Algeria > France
- To Paris, Lille and Mulhouse : 900 DZD/kg
- To Lyon : 700 DZD/kg
- To Marseilles and Toulouse : 600 DZD/kg


Service available up to 24 hours before your flight departure.




Economy Class

Business Class

France > Algérie

30 kg
40 kg

Algérie > France 

30 kg  40 kg

For other destinations : Learn more