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In the cabin

Inform you about tax baggage in the cabin and in the hold

Cabin baggage

In order to guarantee that there is enough space in the baggage holds and to keep things as comfortable on board as possible for everyone, baggage gauges are provided both in the check-in area and at the boarding gate.
Your hand baggage will be checked in order to make sure that it fulfils the three criteria, which are size, weight and number.
Any passengers who have checked in online and are in any doubt about the format/weight of their hand baggage are asked to check it in the check-in area.

When flights are very full, it may be necessary to place for free some items of hand luggage in the hold in order to ensure there is enough space available for passengers in the overhead bins and onboard comfort is not compromised. In such cases, our staff will likely notify you about this at either check-in or in the boarding hall.

We therefore advise passengers to bring with them a small bag in which valuable belongings can be placed and carried.

Size and weight:
The baggage must be placed into the gauges without the use of force (L55cm + l40cm + h20cm).
Including any pockets, wheels and handles.
* 15 kg for Business Class

Number: a single piece of hand baggage per person is allowed.
You can take an additional small accessory (handbag/laptop/camera) which must be placed under the seat in front of you.

In the check-in area:
Please check the dimensions and weight of your hand baggage - if it is too large or too heavy there is still time to check it into the hold, up to your baggage allowance, although you will still be able to purchase additional kilos at the current rate.

In the boarding area:
If there is any doubt, our staff will weigh the hand baggage again and check it using the gauges at the boarding gate.
Any baggage which is too large or too heavy will be immediately placed into the hold and will be subject to a fixed penalty.
When you arrive at the destination airport, you will have to go to our sales counter to pay the penalty and then to our baggage disputes counter which is in the baggage claim area, where your baggage will be returned to you on presentation of proof of payment.

During a flight: 
Portable electronic devices can be used during a flight, if set to 'airplane' mode, thereby disabling the transmit and receive functions.
During taxiing, takeoff and landing, larger devices such as laptops and DVD players must be stored away and headphones must be removed, so that instructions transmitted by the crew can be heard.
The crew can, at any time, ask passengers to turn off their electronic devices, if circumstances so require.


 If your baggage exceed the 
 authorized weight:

from 1 to 9 
additional kg

from 10 to 15 kg
additional kg

 Penalty upon arrival

90EUR / 9 500DZD*

140EUR / 15 000DZD*

 If your baggage does not fit into
 the gauges :



 Penalty upon arrival

90EUR / 9 500DZD*


 If you have more than one 
 piece of hand
baggage** :



 Penalty upon arrival

90EUR / 9 500DZD*


* Payable by credit card or on presentation of a foreign currency transfer certificate issued by an Algerian bank directly to the airport (the total transferred should be either 90 or 140 EUR according to circumstances)
** Excluding an accessory

Peace of mind when you travel with a suitable piece of hand baggage

Security measures mean that air carriers have to restrict the acceptance of liquids and to ban the transportation of certain objects in the cabin.
These measures apply to all flights leaving from and making connections within a European Union Member State, regardless of the destination. 
We advise you to place all your liquids in your hold 
baggage prior to departure. The containers must be placed in a transparent plastic bag (measuring 20 x 20 cm, with a maximum capacity of 1 litre). Each passenger may only carry one bag with him or her and each container must not exceed 100 ml.
When your medecine is essential, we advise you to keep it with you in your hand
baggage. Your medecine must be accompanied of your medical prescription with the exact name of your medecine.

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